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  • "Stuck"

    "I was stuck. An injury kept me from my regular exercise and I had no idea what to do on my own to recover. Working with Tony Lewis has made all the difference."

  • "Motivation"

    "Since beginning a personal training program at Body Image, my energy level and general health have substantially improved. Tony and Marcello keep me motivated and are very encouraging. I've also met a lot of great people at Body Image!"

  • "Dedicated Professionals"

    "I began coming to Body Image more than 7 years ago. Originally I had joined for total fitness. It wasn't long after having joined I mentioned to Mr. Lewis the chronic lower back pain I had had for several years.

    He designed a program addressing exactly this problem. The muscle were identified and within a few months of specific exercises the spasms stopped. It was the first time I had relief.

    I have been to other health clubs but never one as clean, stress free, and professional as Body Image. I'm very satisfied with the staff and their dedication to their clients. I would strongly recommend this facility without reservation."

  • "Achieve Your Goals"

    "I am writing this testimonial for individuals who are considering Tony Lewis and Body Image for their personal training needs. If you are like me and not personally motivated to working out on your own, Body Image can be the answer to your prayers. I have been working out at Body Image for over nine years. I can't imagine what my conditioning would be without them.

    I think it's important to know when you are looking to hire a trainer; you should be looking for someone who is going to help achieve your goals. The Body Image staff takes your time and money seriously. My workouts have been motivating, intense, and time efficient. I have had some of my best workouts in the shortest amount of time. The trainers keep the workouts fresh, different, and fun. So, whether you are trying to lose weight or gain muscle, whether you are a beginner exerciser, or experienced exerciser, I am confident Body Image would be able to help you and give you the knowledge to help achieve a healthier life style, and better looking physique. "

  • "Making it Count"

    "I have a very busy schedule so it is important that when I workout it counts. I want to do everything right to get the most gain. I have been training at Body Image for over nine years. In that time I have lost weight and have been able to keep it off. The personal trainers make you understand the balance between working out and eating right. Their methods change the way you live, and takes the guess work out of being healthy for life. Sure, they expect you to do the work, but the payoff will last a lifetime. They understand the journey to becoming fit. They help you reach your personal goals, but more importantly, they teach you how to stick to those goals. "