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FAQ & Wellness Tips

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get started?

    It is very simple. You can either call Body Image or contact us for an appointment. Body Image will discuss your goals and how we will customize your program.
  • How often should I train?

    If you are trying to lose weight, cardio should be done a minimum of 6 days per week for 30 minutes. At Body Image, we recommend 2-3 days per week with one of our trainers. Body Image does not charge for use of our cardio equipment. So, the 6 days of cardio are free of charge.
  • How long will it take to see results?

    Most research studies conducted are for eight weeks and longer. At Body Image, we expect you to see or feel better after eight weeks. It takes a huge commitment from the client to work hard and to change their lifestyle.
  • Can you help me lose weight?

    Absolutely. It takes moderate lifestyle changes along with a regular exercise program. The trainer and client must communicate with each other so that the exercise program can be adjusted accordingly.
  • Why should I hire a trainer when I can exercise myself?

    If exercise was so easy, why is obesity so prevalent in the US? At Body Image, clients are held accountable for their exercise session. Besides, 80% of all people who exercise do it wrong. Personal Trainers are the Health Planners. They set up, organize and implement exercise programs for the clients to follow.
  • At what age should children begin lifting weights?

    Research has shown that lifting weights as early as ten years of age can have long term benefits. At Body Image, we prefer children to begin lifting weights at around age 13-14.
  • Is it too late for elderly people to begin an exercise program?

    You are never too old to begin. Research has shown in elderly people that strength gains can be made. It becomes more critical to lift weights as you age to maintain functionality.
FAQ's and Wellness Tips

Wellness Tips

  • Follow an Effective Exercise Routine

    The American Council on Exercise (ACE) recently surveyed 1,000 ACE-certified personal trainers about the best techniques to get fit. Their top three suggestions:

    • Strength training. Even 20 minutes a day twice a week will help tone the entire body.
    • Interval training. "In its most basic form, interval training might involve walking for two minutes, running for two, and alternating this pattern throughout the duration of a workout," says Cedric Bryant, PhD, FACSM, chief science officer for ACE. "It is an extremely time-efficient and productive way to exercise."
    • Increased cardio/aerobic exercise. Bryant suggests accumulating 60 minutes or more a day of low- to moderate-intensity physical activity, such as walking, running, or dancing.